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Veterans Directive Care Program

Are you a Veteran in need of a Home Care Worker?

You may be eligible to get help with caregiver services through the VDC program.

 How does one qualify?

This program is based on a referral from your physician at the VA to the VA for authorization.

Once they send an order to our office we can help start the process of getting everything setup for you.

This program is a veteran medical benefit not a service based program.

It is a program based on veteran need. This program is designed to help disabled veterans family/friends to become caregivers. This program does not support caregivers employed from agencies at this time.

Have Questions? Contact us 541-205-5400 or

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We are a Non-Profit Agency helping Veterans in our community to get the most out of life as possible. We can help you get the process started to get a home care worker in your home to help you.


Our vision is to be a part of helping our veterans get the help and assistance they need to be successful in any areas we can provide assistance in.

We appreciate you! Thank you for your service!

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