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Enjoying a Meal

Each year, the Klamath and Lake Counties Council on Aging (KLCCOA) provides more than 43,500 Meals on Wheels to homebound seniors, age 60 and older, throughout Klamath and Lake Counties.  More than just a meal, the program offers crucial assistance in areas of basic need.  Meals on Wheels serves the following communities:

  • Klamath Falls

  • Lakeview

Christmas Valley (Coming Soon)

Pick Up Service – Frozen Meals are also available for eligible consumers in other communities that we serve.  If approved, the consumer or designee may pick up the frozen meals at the Klamath Basin Senior Center.  Communities currently served by the pick up service for frozen meals include:

  • Bonanza

  • Chiloquin

  • Keno

  • Malin

  • Merrill

  • Midland

  • Sprague River


Costs to operate Meals on Wheels exceed $150,000 annually, not including volunteer time, an important in-kind contribution.  Federal and State funds cover 57% of program costs.  These funds are intended to “seed” the effort and to promote community investment in a program that reflects and responds tour region’s growing needs.

Meals on Wheels provides meals, delivered up to five times a week to homebound seniors who can no longer shop or prepare their own meals.  In addition to preventing hunger and malnutrition, the program helps to end social isolation, while fostering independence, dignity, and self respect among those who are aging.

The Meals on Wheels program provides each participating senior;

  • Improved Nutrition that helps manage conditions, like diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

  • In home assessment by a KLCCOA case manager to identify any senior’s additional needs and to match them with appropriate resources.

  • Friendly visits from drivers connects seniors to community and mitigates anxiety and depression from social isolation.

  • Ongoing Wellness Checks to note changes in health and to guard against elder abuse and neglect.

  • Case Managers, Nutrition Coordinator, and Compliance Director who provide high quality, standards based professional services that together create a safety net for our vulnerable seniors.


As a Southern Oregon non-profit, KLCCOA greatly appreciates your generous donations, in-kind gifts, sponsorships, or volunteering.  To make a difference for our area seniors, contact KLCCOA at (541) 205-5400.

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