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Do your employees come in regular contact with seniors and people with disabilities?

If so, the Gatekeeper Program can train them to help keep at-risk people safe and living in their own homes.

It is easy for your company to become a gatekeeper. 

The program will help employees:

  • Learn the warning signs for a senior or a person with disabilities who may need help;

  • Learn what kind of information they should gather to help; and

  • Find out how to get help for, friends, family, or even the employee.

Gatekeepers are clerks, bank tellers, pharmacists, mail carriers, neighbors, and others

  • Communication – signs of confusion, difficulty communicating;

  • Financial – trouble paying bills, mention of missing funds, bounced checks, large withdrawals;

  • Caregiver Stress – frustration, despair, lack of support;

  • Social isolation – isolated, unable to leave home, no visitors;

  • Emotional Health – depression, anxiety, personal loss;

  • Appearance – unkempt, unshaven, soiled clothes;

  • Physical limitations – difficulty seeing, hard time moving around home;

  • Around the home – mail and newspapers stacking up, yard not kept up, debris, pets neglected, strong odors.

Gatekeepers work in partnership with the local Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC)

  • When a trained gatekeeper notices a potential issue, that person contacts the ADRC.

  • The ADRC then helps the senior or person with disabilities understand available options and access programs and resources to help them get care and support if they choose.

  • Please call (541) 205-5400 to set up training or get to find out more about this program.

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